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I was riding from Bologna to Imola on my bicycle because frankly, here in Italy, I’ve become quite the fat bastard and I need to shape up before summer so I don’t get teased by people when I hit the beach (like last year).

About a quarter of the way there, in the Emilian countryside (Ozzano Dell’emilia), I stopped at a bike workshop to ask for some chain-lube and spotted a yard full of BikeExif style custom bikes in various states of build- a few Kawasaki 400 Twins and BMW boxers, a Harley something-or-other and an ex-Police Moto Guzzi amongst other non-customised and customer bikes in for servicing. The proprietor
 of Officina B.R.Moto, Matteo, fixed me up with some chain lube and a coffee and showed me around 
the Deus Ex Machina style workshop/hangout complete with motorcycles, fast bicycles, skateboards and surfboards. 

Among the usual crowd of Japanese customs with plank-seats and pipewrap was the owners own 1939 Triumph 3HW based bobber which is still very much a work in progress. The exhaust is currently waiting for the welds to be cleaned up before finishing, the bright yellow ostrich-skin seat cover may or may not be there the day the bike is pronounced 'finished', and a heap of other things need doing however I couldnt resist grabbing the camera for a few happy-snaps of what will no doubt be a nicely proportioned, beautiful bike.

Nice shot of the rear AVON with an old Italian Ceat up front. 
Exposed clutch pressure plate for enhanced mechanical awesomeness (hungry for shoelaces though)
Original girder front end has been raked out- lack of front mudguard adds to the chopped effect.
Copper plumbing carries oil around the long stroke single.

Nice little Kawasaki 400 twin- the B.R.Moto made muffler sounds great. 
A Benelli dirt bike hangs on the wall of the workshop.

Office hang-out has a very nice atmosphere.
Kwaka Twins- a 400 on the left and a 250 on the right.

If you're in Bologna and can spare a few hours jump on a bus and have a look. A dedicated cafe/bar area will apparently be opened in September which would make a great rendezvous point before a ride through the countryside should you be so lucky. For more info check out the B.R Moto blog which has up to date info on current going-ons and build progress of new bikes. We should have additional photos up on our facebook page over the next couple of days- have a looksie.

Thanks to Matteo Mussi.

Photos: WideOpenMoto

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